We offer berths on Sæbøvik, the central village on Halsnøy. Contact us on mail or phone for more information.

If you are not able to stay the night in boat og camper, there are many providers of affordable accomodation on Halsnøy. Here at sæbø you will find an overview of the different providers.

Experience Halsnøy
Halsnøy has a lot to offer, her at sæbø you will find an overview of things to see and do on Halsnøy.

Food & Drinks
Everybody needs food and drinks. At sæbø you will find an overview of where to eat and drink while visiting.

Boat & Motorhome
Beside Sæbøvik Harbour you will also find parking for motorhomes. Bathroom and facilities are located in Halsnøy Samfunnshus.

General Information
At sæbø you will find general information about Halsnøy, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

About Sæbøvik Harbour

Sæbøvik Harbour is proud to present a new boat harbour with over 90 berths in the center of Halsnøy. We supply fixed berths for rent, as well as short term guest berths. Contact us by phone or mail for more information.